Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year’s fun with Wii

Yeah, well, we’re a little late getting our New Year’s blog posted. Was anyone actually expecting something anyway? First things first, Happy New Year! 

We spent the New Year’s weekend with Grandma/Grandpa Stoddard, Travis and Melissa and crew. Bre and Tony joined us for a little bit, too. Shelly and Eric? Where were you guys? 

We had a good time, of course. We went to the mall and played on the squishy Mercedes Benz toys while Grandma/Grandpa shopped and shopped. We watched some sporting events and ate whatever was available. We even put Travis to work, and Ashley and I both have wills now. But the most fun was probably had while playing on Trav and Melissa’s Wii. It was intense all around - some Mario Kart, some tennis and some boxing (you gotta watch the video!). The Grandpa vs. Karsten boxing matches were with little doubt the big-ticket events. Despite Grandpa’s valiant efforts, he was no match for the reigning, undisputed super-duper lightweight division champ - Karsten. 

Thanks to Travis and Melissa for allowing us to crash their party. And thanks to the humble champ for giving up his prized bunk-bed for us to sleep on. And thanks to Grandma/Grandpa Stoddard for a good show.