Thursday, March 15, 2012


Lydia and I have been pondering about something all day.

Thinking about it has put Luke into a semi-comatose state.

And Ian is clearly distressed about this dilemma we are facing. We need your opinion to get things back to normal around here.

Ever since we moved into our house I've wanted to repaint the room above. Well, I am going to be getting some new furniture/storage solutions for this room, so I figure now is the time to do it. I just can't decide what color to paint it. I want a light color to open up the room, since it's rather small, and it butts right up against the yellow in my kitchen so it has to semi-coordinate with that. Here are the two options so far:

What's that? You can't tell a difference? Look again, my friends.

Light green on top--Tyler's favorite, but he likes the room the way it is. I don't mind it, but it might not feel like I changed much since it will still be green.

Greyish/bluish on the bottom--grey is the new "hot" neutral color. I've seen some cool rooms in grey and yellow color schemes (here , here, and here for those of you interested in checking it out) but I'm not usually super trendy--can I pull it off?

Opinions please.