Thursday, May 20, 2010

The facts of life according to Lydia

Today as we were driving to Costco Lydia informed me that she had had a baby. When I asked her where her baby was, she replied (in a tone implying that I was an idiot for asking the question) that he was still in her tummy. "See, it's getting really bigger." She also told me he was wearing pink jammies. "He is wearing pink jammies? In your tummy?" I asked. Yep, was the response. When I told her that she and Luke had been born wearing nothing, she tried to sound appalled. "We were NAKED????" she yelled. Nice try at trying to sound modest, little girl. Not after you dropped your pants and took off your shirt in the middle of the Children's Place outlet last weekend because you saw some clothes you liked.

As we pulled into Costco she told me her baby "just popped right out." That was easy, I said. "Yep, it's not hard, I just pushed and he came right out." And here it is, my favorite part of the conversation--

"And now he's drinking milk from my brain."

I hope I'm there when she has her first baby, who will pop right out wearing pink pajamas and start nursing on her lactating brain.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crib antics

I took down the crib after we watched the kids do this Sunday night. I'd really like to avoid broken bones this year.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthdpy, Tyler!

On May 6th our loving and totally awesome Tyler turned 33, and we love him 33x more than we did last year!

Whoever packed my package of birthday candles can't spell--either that, or I've been spelling 'birthday' wrong my whole life. Happy Birthdpy!
We went to one of Tyler's favorite restaurants, La Hacienda Real, one of which they conveniently just opened in Beaverton, saving us the hour drive to Salem. We had yummy Mexican food and loved it, or as Ty would say, "that was some pretty good crap."
(I figured since I had blogged Lydia's contribution to Ty's cake, I should blog Luke's, which was licking the beaters after I made the frosting. He found something he can excel at.
Happy Birthday my love!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dee Dee Unplugged

Can I just say that I love this little lady?

I love hearing how her mind works and how she tries to label new sounds/ideas with ones she already knows. For example, today after lunch her stomach was gurgling. (Sidebar--one of my favorite medical terms from nursing school is the technical name for that--borborygmi. Use it in a sentence today, I dare you.) She turned to me and said, "Mommy, my stomach is snoring!"

Today we were making Ty's birthday cake and Lydia was "reading" the recipe to me. Some highlights:
  • 3 cups of oil
  • 1 thing of sugar
  • one hot chocolate
  • whipped cream
  • water--"boiling Mom, it has to be boiling hot"
After playing dress-up she voluntarily picked up the clothes and put them away. She ran in to tell me about it while I was making dinner and I just said, "Awesome!" She replied with, "you're welcome Mommy." A gentle reminder that I forgot to say thank you!

Yesterday I was doing her hair and she wanted two little piggytails in front and one ponytail in back. I did the two front ones and got up to leave, at which point she used her most dramatic voice to tell me, "But Mom, I need my other piggytail. I don't feel beautiful!"

Yesterday she was scooting down the stairs on her bottom when she said, "Mom, my bum just made a stink in my face!" The rest of the day was spent reminiscing about how she ate too many strawberries and "now my bum is full of gassy."

Looking at this last picture made me sad. They both look so grown up and as much as I may say otherwise, I love the ages my kids are at right now. I want them to stay young and cute and innocent, and realizing that they're growing up so fast freaks me out!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sorry, no pictures for those of you who don't read blog entries without eye candy to go along with it. Tyler's been gone since yesterday afternoon on Boy Scout Camporee, so I've been staying busy with the kiddos. They were really good this morning going to Lowe's and "helping" me weed/lay down fabric weed barrier/spread mulch on part of my yard, so I promised them McDonald's for dinner. It was a funny trip.

First off, when I pulled in the parking lot there was one of those mini-semi trucks pulling a long trailer PACKED full of steers and heifers. I found it ironic that there were all these cows parked outside an establishment where the people inside are consuming cows all day long. Maybe it's not funny to anyone else, but I found it amusing.

Lydia is very aware of the fact that there are certain privileges tied to behaving well (the McDonalds trip being one), so all today she kept saying, "Mom, am I being have? Mom, I am being so have right now!" I never had broken the word down before, but I totally see in her mind how it works.

After the kids inhaled their happy meals, I let them play in the play structure for a few minutes. Another little girl about 7 or 8 went down the slide and must have been going way too slow for her liking because when she reached the bottom she said, "Mom, my butt doesn't work." I love it!