Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That'll Show Her!

So this afternoon I was checking the family blogs and marveling at my sister-in-law Melissa's skill at building various home furniture items, this time a large armoire which was beautiful. I posted a comment on her blog asking when she finds the time to build stuff when I can't even find the time to mop my kitchen floor. Luke must have been reading my comment from afar and agreed that a floor mopping was way past due. I turned around after hitting "post comment" to find this scene:
He got his grubby little paws on the table cloth and yanked it, spilling half-eaten Kix cereal and milk, a box of rice cereal, my scriptures, newspaper, and various other items all over the floor. (Luckily my scriptures weren't ruined.) He gave me just the push I needed to get the floor mopped. The two kiddos went down for a nap and I mopped the floor and enjoyed the cleanliness for an hour before they crushed crackers all over it. Luckily, I have given up hope of having a crumb-free kitchen floor. It makes snack time for Luke easy--I just put him down and let him eat his way across the kitchen floor! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Luke and the Stairs

It's the small and simple things that really make life fun. On Monday Luke finally took notice of the staircase. He pulled himself up onto the first step and took a look around. He seemed to like the view and the challenge. Ashley and I realized we'd better come up with a good way to block off the stairs when we're not supervising the climb. The next day Ashley left the room for less than a minute, and when she came back Luke wasn't there. She ran to the stairs, and he was already almost to the top! And out came the video camera ...

Here's our temporary solution - it's pretty clear from the photo what Luke thinks of it.