Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Haps and the Craps

The Haps first, then we'll move on to the more important and wildly exciting craps....My sister inspired me to make a Moby-type wrap for my friend's baby shower, so here's the picture of the finished product. Thank you Luke for modeling how it's used. (Well, at least one of the ways you can use it.) I have one extra one that's almost identical to this one, except it was my practice one, so the bottom edge of the paisley fabric has ribbon on it to cover up a mistake :) If you want it you can have it, just let me know!

If you want to make one of your own, all it takes is 5 or 6 yards of fabric, depending on how long you want the ties to be. You actually get two wraps out of one piece of material, because you cut the 5-6 yard piece down the center. I finished the edges of mine with a rolled hem on my serger and added the paisley fabric, but some materials you don't even have to sew at all. Voila, it's done! When I make one again I will use stretchier material--this one was good for a bigger baby because it had less give, but when they're teeny tiny I think it would be better to have more of a T-shirt, cotton jersey type of fabric so they're snuggled up really tight right next to you.

The Craps: LYDIA IS USING THE POTTY, HOORAY!!! I don't know what happened to change her mind, but we'd been having talks for a while about how when she was three she'd be a big girl and would be ready to use the potty. She would usually cry because "I'm not a big girl!" if you even suggested that she sit on the potty. Since she'll be three in about two weeks I suggested that we practice sitting on the potty to get ready to be a big girl. She resisted, until Wednesday. She voluntarily sat on the potty for 20 minutes trying to go, but couldn't. I suggested that she try after taking a bath, because that might help her pee-pee come out. She was in the tub, stood up and told me she had to pee-pee, so we sat on the potty and she did it! In her own words, "I felt the tickle and then I sat on the potty and my pee-pee just fell out!"

She's doing GREAT at peeing on the potty--even at night. She'll wake me up when she has to go, which is exciting to me even at 1:45 am. Our problem is pooping. She already has constipation problems, so going poop on the potty is going to be a big challenge. She hasn't really gone since Wednesday, despite me loading her up with fiber supplements and starting Miralax yesterday. Today she had to go a few times, but she can't really control the urge when she has to go so she ended up peeing and pooing just a tiny bit in her underwear. I put pull-ups on her this afternoon and told her to just poop in them and she could have any treat she wanted, but she's so focused on NOT going in her pants now that she won't do it. So, here we are--her with tons of poop in her bowels but refusing to go, and me pleading for her to poop in any way, shape, or form. Any ideas of how to get this cute underwear-clad lady to poop?

Luke, on the other hand, has no problem pooping and peeing his pants all day long. He is now fascinated with the toilet and loves to flush it. Yesterday as I was getting ready to go to the shower he managed to stuff half a roll of toilet paper and a block in the toilet and flushed it several times, causing it to overflow. It made me think of the book "Love You Forever" and I actually smiled when I first saw it. His new word is showcased in the following video. I sure love this goofy little guy!

Now you know what we've been up to for the last few weeks!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Little Lady in My Life

My little bundle of sunshine has really been on a roll today. A small sampling of her quotes of the day:

*We've been putting Lydia and Luke to sleep in the same room for the last several nights, and it seems to be working out pretty well, although Luke always wakes up first. This morning I got him up when I heard him, and Lydia came down a while later. I asked her how she slept. "Well, apparently Luke woke up and was crying," she said with a furrowed brow (and she put a very special emphasis on the word apparently--long and drawn out with a pause afterward.) "I had to put my blanket over my head to keep him out!"

*I handed her her vitamins. She started scarfing them down and I said, "Say thank you, please." She looked at me for several seconds before saying, "Thank you please" with a smirk on her face.

*Tonight for Family Home Evening Tyler was reading from his journal about Lydia and Luke's births. Lydia was running around wildly not paying attention except to ask every few minutes when we were going to have our FHE treat. In Ty's journal entry about Lydia's birth he wrote about how her eyes were open when she came out and he wondered what she was thinking at that moment. "Lydia, do you remember what were you thinking about when you were born?" he asked. "Yes, I was thinking about our Family Home Evening treat."

She's such a sassy lady sometimes but I do love that little girl....I can't believe she's going to be three years old in a few weeks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Merriest New Year!

Happy New Year! I have a New Year's resolution to contribute more to the blog. Nah, not really. But I guess since my recent contribution equals zero I've already met my goal with this post anyway. Very nice.

We had a wonderful Christmas break in Pendleton. Lydia has figured out the true meaning of Christmas - presents. It was fun to see her get so excited opening the presents. Though sometimes it seemed as though she was just feeding off of us as we were excited for her. She didn't want to let us down. Luke was a big fan of other people's presents. He picked up his cousin Tate's new dog toy, started playing with it and called it a "schweka." In fact, schweka became his word for a lot of things that week. Everything he pointed at was schweka. It must have been so frustrating for him that we couldn't figure out what he was talking about. It's so simple.

Just before New Year's we were hit with a beautiful snow storm. It came hard and fast and no one was expecting it. It was perfect timing. It started to stick to the roads just before rush hour. As I rode the Max home I watched as cars spun out, bumped into other cars and on highway 26 no one was moving. It was a good day to ride the Max.

By the time I got home Lydia and Luke had already built their snowman. Though Luke was more interested in eating the raisins that made up the snowman's mouth.

After the New Year celebrations were over (We watched a movie and fell asleep. We really like to party.) We went to the zoo to see the Zoo Lights. Very cool. Yes, they were just lights, but there were lots of them and they were pretty. Plus, we got to see some monkeys and that's always fun.

I also celebrated by not shaving. It started because I was lazy and didn't feel like shaving. Now I'm past the point of no return. I think I'll at least let it go a month.

And there you go. Hope everyone's having a wonderful start to 2010.