Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Meet Lydia.  She's a funny girl.  Last week she and I went on a little shopping excursion and on the way home we were discussing her old clothes and how I saved some of her old dresses, "you know, in case we have a girl when we have another baby." (No, I am not pregnant.)

Lydia: (very serious tone of voice) "Mom, four kids is a lot of kids.  Do you really think you can take care of four kids?"

Me (laughing): "Yes, I'm pretty sure I can."

Lydia: (dubious tone of voice) "Well, that's a lot to handle.  You really think you can handle four kids?"

Me: "Yeah, I think I can do it."

I'm secretly thinking, what, does my five year old really think I'm so inept at parenting that I couldn't possibly raise another child? 

Look kid, just because the baby climbs into the bathtub with his clothes on...

And Luke always has a dirty face and picks his nose...

Or I accidentally run over your foot with the Costco shopping cart...
(I really did feel bad about it, I promise)

And I let you sit on each other's heads

Does not mean that I can't handle raising one more child.

Maybe she was doubtful because she was thinking about the family home evening a few weeks ago after a particularly stressful day which ended with all of us in tears (minus Tyler, he wasn't home) and me proclaiming "sometimes it's just hard to be a mom."

I digress. Back to the story.  So she asks again, "Are you really sure you can take care of four kids?"

Me: "Yes. But I might need some help you know."

Lydia: "I know.  That's what I'm worried about.  I'm not going to be able to play as much if I have to help and I don't like that, so I don't think we should have another baby."

And there you go. No more babies because it would mean less play time for Lydia.

Sometimes it IS hard to be a mom. But I eventually want one more set of feet to write on for a Father's Day picture.

Don't worry Lydia, I will make sure you still get time to play.