Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Boy's Got Skills!!!

Sunday afternoon we were relaxing on the couch when Luke began "reading" to me. As you can see, he's very serious about what he's reading and only reads the words on the page when and how he wants to. No messin' around with this kid!

Now, if only he would let ME read a book to HIM. He spends the entire time trying to eat the book or knock it out of my hands. I guess my reading skills aren't up to par--his interpretation sounds a little different than mine. Next time I'll just speak gibberish and see if he'll sit still for reading time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Forgive me for my rambling. I haven't posted in a little while so this is a collection of recent events/thoughts.

So this thought actually ties to the picture; the rest, not so much. I just threw the other ones in for fun. The other morning Lydia was in the other room yelling, "Mommy, I broke my leg!" "Oh no!" I replied. "It's okay," she said, walking into the kitchen as you see in the picture. "I already put a cast on it." I wonder if the guy who invented air splints got the idea from his 2 year old putting a water wing on her leg. Probably.

Tonight Tyler was trying to do something (I can't even remember what it was and it just happened a few hours ago--sad!) and he couldn't get it to work. I heard him turn to Lydia and say, "When things are really hard, don't try to do them anymore. Just give up." Of course, he was laughing as he said it, but I don't know if she is old enough to catch on to his sarcasm. I can't wait to hear her repeat that line to someone in a few days.

Lydia is getting into the "why" stage of her life, and it seems that she likes to use it most when I am frustrated, and it really annoys me. For example, I stubbed my toe and made a groaning sound, and was not really in a talking mood for at least 30 seconds afterward. "Why did you make that noise Mommy? Why? Why did you? Huh mom? Why?" When I slipped going down the stairs this morning (while holding Luke, I might add), her first question was "why did you do that Mom? Why did you fall? Why did you do that?" spoken in a tone insinuating that I had purposely fallen down the stairs. As I'm writing this I realize that it only really bothers me after I've had some kind of bodily injury, so maybe I just need to stop hurting myself and the "whys" won't annoy me so much. Maybe.

A while ago I noticed that there was this kind of film forming on my bathroom floor, I think it's hairspray residue that falls after I spray my hair. Anyway, today I finally got around to cleaning it off the floor. I started with this environmentally friendly cleaning solution that the previous owners left behind because I like the way it smells (lavender and tea tree oil) and because if Luke got a hold of it somehow and ate it it wouldn't kill him. (I really think about these things because he eats everything--today it was my deoderant. He left little tooth marks in it before I could wrench it out of his death grip.) The eco-friendly stuff didn't work AT ALL. After scrubbing for a while I busted out the Scrubbing Bubbles and let that stuff sit on if for a minute or so, and watched the residue just lift off the floor like magic. Way to go eco-unfriendly cleaning solution!!! That poison-in-an-aerosol-can stuff is amazing!

(Don't worry, this doesn't stay sideways for long at all--Lydia refused to cooperate due to her wet pants from earlier puddle jumping adventures.)

Last random question--does anyone else's hair grow in really weird after having a baby? I grow all these tiny bang-like things around the front of my head and they stick out like horns from the side of my head every time I try to pull my hair back (hence the hairspray and hairspray residue on the floor mess.) I am concerned that if I have another baby I may never be able to pull my hair back again without a fan of little baby hairs in a semi-circle around my head. Any ideas?

Friday, November 6, 2009


Happy Halloween! I know I'm a little late getting pictures posted, but we sent them to our families and I don't even know if anyone besides our family members even looks at this site, so I figure I'm okay!

Lydia was all psyched up about getting dressed up for Halloween; however, once we arrived at the church for the trunk-or-treat activity she changed her mind. The millions of kids in costumes, some of which were scary, was a little much for her delicate nerves and she spent most of the time clinging to my hand. She loosened up a bit once we made it back to our car, she parked her ladybug bum next to Daddy, and realized that what all those people had been putting in her bag was candy!

Luke (the "stinky stinky skunk" as Lydia referred to him) spent the time climbing up and down the curb, running between cars, and rolling around on the ground--probably pretty close to what a real skunk would have done, minus the raising-the-tail, spraying bit. Tyler and I were un-festive and didn't dress up, but honestly, when the kids are dressed up who actually looks at the parents anyway?

We had a fun Halloween--low-key and spent filling my tummy with Tootsie Rolls, quite possibly the best Halloween candy ever. I'm enjoying my kids' younger years--they could really care less what you dress them up to be and as long as they each have a few suckers they're happy for hours. Life doesn't get much better than a sucker in each sticky hand and a trail of pink drool down your chin and onto your Halloween costume!