Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poison Control and Prose

Luke has officially given me the opportunity to pass a parenthood rite of passage (or so I hear) by having to call Poison Control. Last night I was unloading the dishwasher and turned around to find him with a sour lemon face. I picked him up and found white powder in his mouth and on his fingers. The detergent didn't completely dissolve, he found it, and ate it. I cleaned out his mouth and hands, read the dishwasher detergent box that says give large amounts of water or milk and "call the doctor immediately." I knew they'd just have me call Poison Control, a necessary but annoying institution in my interaction with them in the past. (They send basically everyone to the ER and then keep calling to check on them.) However, my fear of NOT doing something else that would be beneficial overruled and I called. They didn't have too much else to say, other than to feed him and watch for vomiting. They did want to call back in two hours to check on him but I got out of it by telling them I'm a nurse and was comfortable that we'd be okay. Even though I have to watch him every second of the day, he is my lovable little man. He loves to belly laugh and he gives hugs and kisses freely. (He occasionally bites shoulders when he hugs, so watch out!) I can't believe he will be one year old in less than a week!
Eating his post-dishwasher detergent snack of hamburger and ketchup. As you can see, it didn't phase him all!

Lydia has been on a roll lately with all kinds of funny statements. This morning I went in to Lydia's room to get her, and she was awake smiling at me when I opened the door. "Hey Mom, I waked up!" "I know," I said, "whatcha been doing?" "Oh, I'm just relaxin' with my babies," she said nonchalantly, pointing to her teddy bears. "I was just talking about you. I told them you're a silly girl." I wish you could have heard her, because the tone she had when she said it made me bust out laughing. Sunday on the way home from church she was making up a song, starting with "I know my father loves me" and she threw in a bit about white bruisies (bruises) and how they tickle and finished up with something about big bear hugs. Yesterday she was playing on the castle slide toy saying, "Mom, look at me!" while she danced around. "Beautiful!" I said. "No Mom, not beautiful--cool!!!" Bottom line: I love that kid! She always keeps us guessing at what she's going to say next.
Apparently she fell asleep while "reading" her scriptures. I don't know where she learned that--nobody in this house falls asleep while reading their scriptures!

Lastly, and not related to anything I've been talking about, I'd like you all to know that my current favorite song is "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. Check it out. It's upbeat and happy, although I don't get some of the lyrics. Lydia and Luke love to dance to it--in fact, she requested it last night. ("Hey Mom, I want to hear the Hey I'm Not Afraid of You Sister song!") If I was sophisticated I'd have one of those music player things on my blog, but I'm not, so you'll have to look it up on iTunes or Amazon, but I recommend it if you're looking for a good tune.

***New Development--I am not sophisticated or tricky, but my brother-in-law is, so he figured out how to put the song on here so you all can enjoy it. Thanks Travis!!!***

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picture Time

I finally got around to getting Luke's pictures taken and the kids' taken together a few weeks ago. They did pretty well, considering Luke doesn't really sit still very well and Lydia is in a "I'm not going to smile for the camera" stage. Here is a sampling of the pictures--I'm pretty sure they'll be grainy if you enlarge them. Just a note, if you go to Portrait Innovations, remember that when they tell you if you purchase a large package you'll get a CD with all the images taken, that does not mean you'll have the digital negatives. You get thumbnail files, but not the actual images that you could edit or print, etc. I wish I had known that BEFORE I bought a huge package!!!